Monkey Quest Reborn



The left and right arrows move your monkey left and right.

 The arrow keys are used a lot in Monkey Quest Reborn.
  • When on a vine, use the up or down arrows to climb up or down.
  • You can also use use up or down to cross when next to a bridge.
  • When on the ground, use the down arrow to crouch. Then move your monkey left or right to crawl under obstacles. 

Use the space bar to jump.

Jumping can be used many ways:
  •  jump onto a vine to grab hold of the vine
  •  jump on the drums to catch some big air.


Use the CNTRL (on a PC) or "X" (on a Mac) key to interact with things. You can use portals to travel between zones, talk to quest-givers, or gather items for quests.

Quick slots:
You can equip weapons and other items to the C, V, B, and N keys and then use them with the push of a button! To equip an item, click on the button at the bottom of your screen to open up a mini-inventory window. You can then select the item to equip on that button.

To open your map screen, press the "M" key. You can also view the quests you're working on and where you need to go to complete them.

Pressing the "I" key opens your inventory screen. From here, you can look at all the items you have, including crafting recipes and supplies, weapons and quest items.