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What is MQPSDX?

MQPSDX is the abbreviated form of Monkey Quest Private Server DevX. The private server utilizes numerous methods and protocols to enable use of the original game client to play the game rather than re-creating the game entirely. DevX is the software that we use to help create MQPSDX.

What can I expect from this project?

We have been experimenting with the client for some time and have deemed that the project has great potential. Based on what we have uncovered so far, it is likely the game can be restored to its original state, along with the possibility of new content.

What about Monkey Quest Reborn?

The Monkey Quest Reborn project has officially been discarded in favor of MQPSDX. However, our team will operate as the Monkey Quest Reborn Group starting after Halloween 2019, with "MQPSDX" being our project. We're still working out how we'll re-brand and present the project to the general public.

What MQPSDX content will be released on Halloween?

Ideas were tossed around, but eventually we decided to release content related to the upcoming spooky season. With that said, production has commenced on restoring Haunted Graveyard. In addition to this, we may have some mechanics ready for the release, but this isn't guaranteed. However, we plan to release a working GUI (2014 version).

Who is able to play?

For the Halloween release, only Alpha and Beta testers will have the ability to play. This is primarily due to the build being in its early stages, with limited resources at our disposal and bug fixing/server improvements being our top priority. As a final note, we'd like to remind everyone that our testers have already been selected and keys are no longer available. If you don't have a key, unfortunately you'll have to wait.